Since 2008, Natural House Bali  (NHB ) have been constructing and shipping prefabricated villas to many customers around the globe. Buildings have ranged from a simple villa / bungalow design to massive, 600 sqm homes. We have also supplied to resort developers both here in Indonesia and to many tropical destinations around the globe. The process of ordering starts with detailed drawings that are reviewed by our engineering team. Should you not have technical drawings, we can produce on your behalf at a reasonable hourly rate. Should the construction go ahead with N.H.B. we will refund 50% of the drawing fee. We will also supply three basic renderings of the structure however should you require artistic renderings for marketing purposes we can provide at an additional fee. All buildings are designed to take in the wind and weather patterns of the location. A structural engineering analysis will be supplied on request. Finally, easy to read assembly instructions are provided and all components are numbered and labelled prior to knock down. Buildings can be reassembled by experienced carpenters however, on request we can also send our team to the project site.

Vanuatu Project

Lataro island is one of the largest and most isolated private islands in the south pacific. Situated a few kilometers off the coast of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. The project include 6 bungalows, kitchen, walkways, Timber jetty and boardwalk. NHB also supplied all furniture, homewares and artwork.

Hibiscus Villa

Ocean View Villa

Villa Tanjung Project