Natural House Bali use several types of quality tropical Hardwood as follows;

Bengkirai is strong durable timber resistant to termites and is renowned for it’s dimensional stability. This timber is generally used in heavy construction trusses, structural members, flooring, decking and other outdoor applications.

Merbau is a very high quality durable hardwood with a deep reddish pigment that finishes beautifully. This timber is magnificent for exposed beams indoor flooring or wall paneling. It is not recommended for external use due to the run of pigment dyes when wet, however it is a truly wonderful timber for indoor.

Coconut Wood has a strong distinctive grain and can be used for columns, flooring, paneling and many other internal applications. We mainly use coconut wood in our gazebos and smaller ancillary buildings. We also apply an anti termite product called Lentrex to all coconut wood used as it is susceptible to termite infestation unless treated properly.